Hey Check This Out Gallery in NYC is a new, somewhat experimental space hosting shows that can be visited in person or on line. This is the second exhibition, and it is  curated by Rich Jacobs. I am thrilled to be included in this group of fantastic artists. Each artist is exhibiting one art work and one item that inspires them .  https://www.heycheckthisoutgallery.com/

Charlie Ahearn, (Nooni) John Anderson, Janette Beckman, Thomas Campbell, Monica Canilao, Cynthia Conolly, Chris Duncan, James Gallagher, David Ellis, Sean Greene, Daniel Givens, David Grubbs, Jordan Isip, Atiba Jefferson, Amy Kauffman, Tim Kerr, Miriam Klein Stahl, Matt Leines, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Richard McGuire, Rhassan Obassaya, Kelly Ording, David Pajo, Ted Riedler, Bert Quieroz, James Ulmer, Kosmo Vinyl, Ian Wright, Jah Wobble, Joshua Wildman, Lena Wolff.

329 Bowery Weekends through 1/24/21

Virtual Gallery Talk 2020 CCSU
CCSU Gallery Talk 2020

For Sean's 2020 solo exhibition at Central Connecticut State University, titled Good Company, curated by Eben Kling, we did a virtual gallery talk in lieu of the pandemic. It is an overview of the show, with a deep dive into Sean's life, interests, and history as an artist. 56 minutes

LABspace in Hillsdale NY is having their Holiday show through January 17 with 200 plus artists. HERE is the check list.

Pulp Art and Object in Holyoke, MA will be hosting an exhibition of my work along with the pottery of  Steve Theberg January 23- February 14, 2021.

This past August 22nd and 23rd a large street mural designed by Sean was completed in Northampton, MA with the help of many volunteers! It was limited to 4 colors, and took about 20 gallons of paint provided by the city. approximately 10 feet by 180 feet! Painters: Sean Greene, Adelaide Greene, Georgia Greene, Molly B. Burnham, Noa CW, Mel Lowenthal, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Jamila Gore, Karen, Heidi, Lily Roscher, Jose Jimenez, John, Lily, La Vincent, Haven Vincent-Warner, Espy Thomson, Debra Bescuvitz, Brian Haas, Ingid Hohmann, Carter Goodell. If I mispelled your name or forgot you, or didn't get your last name please let me know. Other projects led by Kim Carlino, Andrae Green and Eben Kling are also ready for your viewing pleasure.